Arc Flash Advisory has the experience, technical expertise, and tools to solve complex electrical system problems or assist with your short term and long term utilities related planning in a cost effective and timely manner. We utilize a combination of personnel with significant project and hands on experience, state-of-the-art SKM PowerTools modeling software, knowledge of pertinent codes, standards, and regulatory requirements as well as monitoring tools to document, assess, and determine the right course of action for your building, plant, campus, or facility.

Our clients come from diverse markets that include industrial manufacturers, food & beverage, universities, commercial buildings, government facilities, municipalities, education, health care, and transportation. We routinely assist these clients in many areas that include reliability improvement, root cause analysis, facilities planning, electric utility cost evaluations, customized safety training and plant/building energy audits.

Arc flash labeling

The NEC? and NFPA 70E require labeling of equipment to warn of potential arc flash hazards. Each panel must be marked with an ANSI approved Arc Flash Hazard Warning Label to warn and instruct workers of the arc flash hazard, voltage, arc flash boundary and required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Subject to the requirements of the facility and arc flash analysis, labels are attached for each analyzed point of concern.

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The following Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) has been proposed to NFPA. It is being published for public review and comment. The proposed TIA has also been forwarded to the responsible technical committee for processing. The technical committee will consider public comments received by the date indicated below before vote is taken on the...

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